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A total solar eclipse is scheduled for April 8th 2024.  All Souls Watertown NY is offering to let UUs from other congregations attend the 24 hour eclipse watching parties we are holding in our building, directly in the path of totality, from the evening of the 7th to the morning of the 9th.  Bring your sleeping bag.  All we ask is a donation to our generosity project (this year the recipients are Planned Parenthood and of Northern New York and the Children's Home of Jefferson County and we suggest a minimum 50 dollar donation).  Additionally, if there is interest some of our members may provide a full bed and breakfast experience if the donation is sufficiently impressive.  We will also offer a tour of the maple syrup industry.  To reserve your space, contact our office

Update Feb 27:  1.  For the eclipse, the City of Watertown is closing the street we are on 2. and also wants to use our building 

as an emergency shelter--in case of like a thunderstorm they will shuttle people in up to our occupancy limit, so 

3.  We are planning put UU visitors who have registered with us in a separate wing, and are asking that those taking advantage of our hospitality inform us by March 15th.  

If driving in or out to our location during the hours surrounding the event, please approach from the east (the intersection with Spring Valley Road) rather than  the west (toward town, the intersection with Thompson Blvd)

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