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Children's Religious Exploration at All Souls is available through a program, called the Wondering Center.   It is normally held during the Sunday service,  led by Kathy Ashland with at least one adult assistant.  After attending the first part of the worship service with their family, the children go to the Religious Exploration wing with Kathy and at least one assistant.  Children from 3 to 12 will hear stories and do crafts and activities related to a monthly theme.  See the Newsletter and Weekly Post for details.  Walk ins are welcome, although enrollment will be offered.  Contact Kathy Ashland if you would like to contribute to the Children's Religious Exploration program. 

We would welcome the enrollment of children from 12 to 16 for a youth program.  Those over 16 (as well as those under 3) are advised to attend services in the sanctuary with their parents.  


Religious Exploration

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