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Welcome to a new adventure in spiritual growth.


All Souls Unitarian Universalist Church has offered a unique religious voice of freedom, reason, and tolerance since 1820. We do not tell you what you must believe, and we don't ask you to check your mind at the door. Instead we invite you to join in a conversation with us about the meaning of life, love, and service. At All Souls we encourage you to ask the big questions of life. What do my life and death mean? How do I live with integrity? How can I love well? What gifts of service can I bring to help the world heal?


Together we explore the answers of humanity's wisdom traditions - not only from Jewish and Christian sources but also from the world's religions, from nature, from science, and from modern thought.


In this community of young and old, straight and gay, from various racial and cultural backgrounds, we seek to change the world by living lives of wisdom, compassion, and tolerance. We come together in friendship to help raise wise and compassionate children, to support each other in our spiritual journey, to heal life's wounds, and celebrate life's triumphs.


You are warmly invited to visit us. We know you will want to come back and learn more about our unique approach to religion at All Souls: The church that puts its faith in you!

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