The ASUUC bylaws require the Board to appoint ten committees (The President and Vice President are ex officio members of all except the nominating committee):

Finance (Eleanor Allen)
--supervise bookeeping
--generate monthly treasurer's report
--generate annual budget for board approval
--coordinate for required regular accounting reviews

Building and Grounds

(Till Fritzsching, Rebecca Carr, Robert South,Warren Allen, Isaac Turner, Joanne Harter)
--do volunteer level building and grounds maintenance and improvements
--inspect building and grounds for needed repairs maintenance and improvements
--take congregation suggestions regarding building maintenance and improvement
--plan hire and supervise building maintenance and improvement contractors and employees upon board approval

Art and Altar (Joanne Harter, Catherine Burns)
--place and maintain seasonal and service appropriate altar and sanctuary decorations
--update and rotate other artistic and decorative displays throughout the building

Religious Education (Frances Mercer)
--plan children's religious education activities
--ensure there are adult instructors and sufficient adult supervision for children's activities

Adult Programs
--regular participative activities for adult congregation members, such as monthly activity nights  (Shannon Starkweather-Burke)
--plan and lead adult religious education including new member assimilation, such as the discussion hour
(Robert South)


(Eleanor Allen, Sarah O'Connell, Frances Mercer, Joanne Harter, Robert South)
--schedule or invite worship service leaders and topics for all Sundays well in advance
--provide worship leaders with needed support to ensure worship services are successful
--facilitate worship services

--greeting (overlaps with ushers & hospitality Robert South, Warren Allen)
--assimilation and retention (overlaps adult programs Robert South, Harriet McMillan)
--follow up with visitors to draw them into our web (Paula Trainham, Warren Allen)
--caring (track who is having troubles, sending cards and such Harriet McMillan)
--cull active membership list (overlaps with collector and registrar Warren Allen and Harriet McMillan)
--maintain database of members, visitors, and friends (Robert South)
--plan and execute annual canvass (Catherine Burns, Robert South)
--publish annual directory (Robert South)
--track participation and attendance (Robert South)

--Place any needed media advertisements about All Souls activities (Sarah O'Connell)
--maintain on grounds advertising displays: street sign,  bulletin boards (Robert South, Harriet McMillan)
--maintain online presence: website (Robert South) , Facebook (Various)
--publish weekly post (Robert South) and monthly newsletter (Harriet McMillan)

Ushers and Hospitality (Robert South)
--appoint and supervise ushers, greeters, and coffee hosts every Sunday
--maintain arrangement and stocks of welcome area and kitchen

Social Action (Social Justice Page)
--stimulate and facilitate social justice related activities associated with the congregation or the building
--provide a point of contact and board liason for those interested in such activities

Denominational Activities
--represent congregation to larger orgs it takes part in: UUUNO (Sylvia Heap) , UUSA (Frances Mercer), Unirondack (Veronica Hartman), NYSCU (Ruth Stewart)
--nominate delegates to UUA/GA (Eleanor Allen, Pat Merz), cluster (Eleanor Allen, Frances Mercer, Robert South, Veronica Hartman), regional and other activities and facilitate their participation

Memorial Garden (Veronica Hartman)

--controls separate memorial garden fund

--maintains memorial garden


Nominations Committee

(Natalie Turner, Frances Mercer, and Sarah O'Connell)

--Elected by congregation at annual meeting rather than appointed by board of trustees

--Nominates candidates for congregation elected officers, trustees and nominations committee

Board of Trustees

--Consists of the President (Harriet McMillan) Vice President (Veronica Hartman) Treasurer (Eleanor Allen) Secretary (Robert South) and four other Trustees (Rebecca Carr, Shannon Starkweather-Burke, Heather Winn, and Catherine Burns)

--Elected by Congregation at Annual Meeting

Two additional committees are elected by the congregation: