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The ASUUC bylaws were recently changed to no longer require a list of committees of the congregation.  However, those committees had been appointed by the board and so they still exist until they are changed by the board, which is gradually happening.  

Finance (Eleanor Allen, Harriet McMillan, Amy Summerville)  Makes the budget

Building and Grounds

(Rebecca Carr,  Warren Allen, Harriet McMillan, Joanne Harter) Maintains the building



(Eleanor Allen, Sarah O'Connell, Frances Mercer, Joanne Harter, Robert South, Harriet McMillan, Catherine Burns, Rebecca Carr)  Conducts worship services

Membership and Activities

(Robert South, Harriet McMillan, Kelly Sackheim, Francis Ashland, Warren Allen, Annabelle Stoner) Promotes member involvement

Religious Education

(Kathy Ashland, Robert South, Kelly Sackheim, Frances Mercer, Annabelle Stoner) Conducts Children's program

The following committees are directly responsible to the congregation

Memorial Garden ( Catherine Burns, Paula Trainham, Sarah O'Connell, Robert South)

--controls separate memorial garden fund

--maintains memorial garden

--appointed by President

Nominations Committee

(Robert South, Warren Allen, and Frances Mercer)

--Elected by congregation at annual meeting rather than appointed by board of trustees

--Nominates candidates for congregation elected officers, trustees and nominations committee

Board of Trustees

--Consists of President (Heather Winn) Treasurer (Eleanor Allen) Vice President (Amy Summerville) Secretary(Francis Ashland Trustee (Janine LaClair) Trustee (Alabama Dane), Trustee Kelly Sackheim, and Trustee Catherine Burns)

--Elected by Congregation at Annual Meeting

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