The ASUUC bylaws were recently changed to give the board more latitude in regard to committees.  However, the committees that had already been appointed do not cease to exist until the board says so. (The President and Vice President are ex officio members of all except the nominating committee):

Finance (Eleanor Allen)
--supervise bookeeping
--generate monthly treasurer's report
--generate annual budget for board approval
--coordinate for required regular accounting reviews

Building and Grounds

(Till Fritzsching, Rebecca Carr, Robert South,Warren Allen, Isaac Turner, Joanne Harter)
--do volunteer level building and grounds maintenance and improvements
--inspect building and grounds for needed repairs maintenance and improvements
--take congregation suggestions regarding building maintenance and improvement
--plan hire and supervise building maintenance and improvement contractors and employees upon board approval

Art and Altar (Joanne Harter, Catherine Burns)
--place and maintain seasonal and service appropriate altar and sanctuary decorations
--update and rotate other artistic and decorative displays throughout the building

Religious Education (Frances Mercer)
--plan children's religious education activities
--ensure there are adult instructors and sufficient adult supervision for children's activities

Adult Programs
--regular participative activities for adult congregation members, such as monthly activity nights  (Shannon Starkweather-Burke)
--plan and lead adult religious education including new member assimilation, such as the discussion hour
(Robert South)


(Eleanor Allen, Sarah O'Connell, Frances Mercer, Joanne Harter, Robert South)
--schedule or invite worship service leaders and topics for all Sundays well in advance
--provide worship leaders with needed support to ensure worship services are successful
--facilitate worship services

--greeting (overlaps with ushers & hospitality Robert South, Warren Allen)
--assimilation and retention (overlaps adult programs Robert South, Harriet McMillan)
--follow up with visitors to draw them into our web (Paula Trainham, Warren Allen)
--caring (track who is having troubles, sending cards and such Harriet McMillan)
--cull active membership list (overlaps with collector and registrar Warren Allen and Harriet McMillan)
--maintain database of members, visitors, and friends (Robert South)
--plan and execute annual canvass (Catherine Burns, Robert South)
--publish annual directory (Robert South)
--track participation and attendance (Robert South)

--Place any needed media advertisements about All Souls activities (Sarah O'Connell)
--maintain on grounds advertising displays: street sign,  bulletin boards (Robert South, Harriet McMillan)
--maintain online presence: website (Robert South) , Facebook (Various)
--publish weekly post (Robert South) and monthly newsletter (Harriet McMillan)

Ushers and Hospitality (Robert South)
--appoint and supervise ushers, greeters, and coffee hosts every Sunday
--maintain arrangement and stocks of welcome area and kitchen

Social Action (Social Justice Page)
--stimulate and facilitate social justice related activities associated with the congregation or the building
--provide a point of contact and board liason for those interested in such activities

Denominational Activities
--represent congregation to larger orgs it takes part in: UUUNO (Sylvia Heap) , UUSA (Frances Mercer), Unirondack (Veronica Hartman), NYSCU (Ruth Stewart)
--nominate delegates to UUA/GA (most recently Robert South, and Catherine Burns), cluster , regional and other activities and facilitate their participation

Memorial Garden (Veronica Hartman, Catherine Burns, Georgette Spinelli)

--controls separate memorial garden fund

--maintains memorial garden

Nominations Committee

(Louisa Cartier, Frances Mercer, and Sarah O'Connell)

--Elected by congregation at annual meeting rather than appointed by board of trustees

--Nominates candidates for congregation elected officers, trustees and nominations committee

Board of Trustees

--Consists of the President (Robert South) Vice President (Heather Winn) Treasurer (Eleanor Allen) Secretary (Karen Hall) and four other Trustees (Rebecca Carr, Shannon Starkweather-Burke, Joanne Harter, and Catherine Burns)

--Elected by Congregation at Annual Meeting

Two additional committees are elected by the congregation: