Upcoming Services

November 27th Rebecca Carr

It Depends:

A Brief History and Introduction to the Current Immigration Policies in this Country

December 4th Catherine Burns

December Holidays of Light

Almost every religion has holidays in December, and most revolve around light. 

December 11th Rev David Weissbard

The Empty Creche

It’s that time again, when that poor, beleaguered, religious minority, Christians, is being attacked by evil secularists and humanists.  Yes, friends, the “War on Christmas” is heating up again, as it always does after Thanksgiving.  The problem is, as with all civil wars, it is not easy to determine which side is the enemy.  In an attempt to rescue the spirit of that holiday, and to prepare for its celebration, we will be considering the roots of the controversy and our place in it. I hope you will join us.

December 18th Joanne Harter

My Lessons from Winter Solstice

December 24th

Christmas Eve Service

Sarah O’Connell and Eleanor Allen present our traditional Christmas Eve service at 7 p.m.