Upcoming Services

November 3 Marty Pelham

Mending Walls

We will explore the role our history may play in the challenges we face today, the strength rooted in diversity, and the importance of maintaining and mending relationships within our faith community. 

November 10  Rev. David Weissbard

Driven by Fear

November 17  Jim D’Alosio

Evil Explorations

The ongoing threat of climate change has engendered a new type of behavior that benefits those in the here-and-now but endangers the status quo of the future. Whether this approach is naive, uninformed, or truly evil, it's pervasive and worth exploring. Let’s.

November 24 Robert South

Appreciation Appreciation Appreciation

A celebration of gracious responses to expressions of gratitude.  Mythological origins aside, Thanksgiving is a worthy holiday. Gratitude is good to both give and receive, and as Americans we set aside a day to ritually practice it every year. As Unitarian Universalists, we try to practice it on a daily basis. But what is the flip side? What do you do when others are being grateful? Well obviously, when someone says "thank you," you respond with "you're welcome," but what is the associated attitude? Let's gratefully appreciate graciousness and magnanimity.