Upcoming Services

May 2  Catherine Burns

Our Lives Go On

As a congregation we are trying to decide our future. Three members will share their thoughts about the past and future. Sarah O'Connell, Frances Mercer, and Harriet McMillan will address the following: where are we going, minister or no minister, and what would it take to make me leave this church. We will be looking for your thoughts, too.


May 9 Robert South

The Hallway is a Room, the Road a Destination

Rev Weissbard said that for medical reasons he may not be able to give the best service this Sunday, so Eleanor tapped me to fill in.  The idea was to do something along the lines of the "newcomer's introduction to UUism" that I used to offer for Adult Religious Education as part of Discussion Hour.  I gather she also picked me, and this sort of topic, because we are going through a series of services related to soul searching as a congregation, related to making minister decisions and following our long shut down, and because she knew I had been working on a service about Pluralism, Inclusivism, and Exclusivism.  The reason I was working on such a service is because I found myself unhappy with a trend in Unitarian Universalism towards an increasingly ideological approach.  I wanted to refute that, but in a positive manner, by emphasizing how wonderful our intrinsic pluralism is.  So, my point this Sunday will be that what we are about as Unitarian Universalists is open mindedness.  We'll consider the value in anything except that which takes away our ability to consider the value in anything.


May 16  Rev. Marty Pelham

Finding Ourselves in Other’s Stories

Whether we study text we consider sacred or easily lose ourselves in movies or novels, seeing ourselves in other’s lives is important for nurturing empathy.


May 23 Eleanor Allen

Who We Are and What We Want to Be

All Souls has been a congregation in Watertown for almost 200 years.   We’ve changed in many ways over the years.  And this year has required more change than usual.  Our minister, Rev. Marty Pelham, arrived just before the major flood last December, and he’s guided us through a year of zoomed services during the pandemic.  Marty is now moving on and we need to do the same.        

            So, who are we now? In this service, we’ll take a quick look at some of our history and the documents our congregation created over the years that attempt to define us.  And we’ll ask whether these documents accurately describe us now.  The worship committee is asking everyone to do a bit of homework:  take a look at the UUA website, the seven principles, our mission statement, and our covenant, and think about what these documents say we are as a congregation.  When we meet on May 23rd, we’ll look at our history, and some of those documents.  And we’ll give those of us who wish, a chance to speak briefly  about where you see us being at this moment in time and where you’d like to see us in, say five years.  Whether you’re new, or have been coming for many years, your voice is important.   We’ll listen carefully to each of us, and return to this subject over the summer to discern our common goals in order to develop a clearer idea of what we want for All Souls’ future as a congregation. 


May 30  Rev. Marty Pelham

Discerning the difference between commemorating and mythologizing

Our first and seventh principles compel us to honor the memories of those who gave their lives to protect and defend others. Our fourth principle helps us recognize the realities of the society they were defending.