Upcoming Services

April 5  Pastor Marty Pelham

The Generosity of Presence

Generosity emanates from our inner core and manifests in the world around us. Recognizing our needs and abilities and understanding all the ways we bless the world helps us to be present with others, which is the basic and profound form of generosity.


April 12  Rev. David Weissbard

What we are going through today is an illustration of Allen Saunders comment in a 1957 Reader's Digest, "Life is what happens to you while you're busy making other plans." That relates directly to my understanding of Easter. I'll elaborate on that via the internet on April 12th.


April 19 Pastor Marty Pelham

What Does Interdependence Mean Now?

How have the events of the past few weeks affected our understanding of our existence in the world, especially the concept of interdependence in our Seventh Principle?


April 26 Frances Mercer

Is Kindness Enough?

For what? Is kindness sufficient to create equity and justice in human relations and systems, to obtain fearlessness and great compassion, to build empathy in a fractured world, to make the world a better place? Some would boldly answer “yes”. Others might say “maybe”. Others might say “I don’t know but I feel better about myself and others when I expect and act with kindness”. In this service, Frances Mercer will share some perspectives about kindness that may surprise you—