Upcoming Services

January 9 Rev. David Weissbard

Holding On To Hope

As we begin this new year, we have to acknowledge that there are a lot of reasons to worry about the future – it is easy to feel hopeless.  On the other hand, there are some good reasons for holding on to Hope.  Paul Rogat Loeb, in his book Soul of a Citizen, tells about Sonya Vetra Tinsley who decided that she needed to “choose a team.” She envisions one team made up of cynics who offer good reasons for considering  the future hopeless. On the other side is a team that doesn’t know how things will turn out, but still works for change. She chooses the latter saying "I’d rather stick with people who have a sense of possibility and hope.  I just know that’s the side I want to be on.” I believe it is imperative that we begin 2022 by considering “Holding on to Hope.”  

January 16  Rev. Dr JJ Flag,

We Shall Overcome?

Rev. Flag, pastor at Emmanuel Congregational Church, will be our guest minister. This service will begin at 11:30AM.

January 23 

Eleanor Allen

About Kwanzaa

A retired Fort Drum soldier, Bianca will speak with us about the history and meaning of Kwanzaa, a six day celebration rooted in certain African
traditions that began on Dec. 26th and just ended on January 1st . Eleanor Allen will be worship
guide for this service.

January 30 Pat Merz and Eleanor Allen

The Thinking Man's Religion

Bertrand Russell (1872-1970) was one of the twentieth century's most important philosophers and one of its best-known free thinkers. Raised in a
religiously liberal home, Russell abandoned liberal Christianity early on seeking a "religion of