Upcoming Services

January 5th Pastor Marty Pelham

In Search of Sacred Time

We cannot possess time as we do space and material objects. We can only engage with time at each moment, but we do have choices in how we engage with it. What is sacred time and how can we experience it?

January 12 Rev. David Weissbard

The Impact of the Neighborhood

 Karen and I participate in a weekly current events discussion as part of a seniors' education program. Last week, the conversation was mostly about how greed, violence, and the quest for power, are inherent to our species -- not UU theology!. I was saved from despair by my having seen “A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood” at Thanksgiving. We need to pay more attention to human examples of humane living. Sunday the 12th we will visit Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood as an antidote to despair.

January 19 Pastor Marty Pelham

The Difference Between Generosity and Sacrifice

When we engage with the world, especially in social justice, do we give away excess time, energy, and money we are fortunate to have, or do we surrender things of significant value for the sake of something or someone else?

January 26 Julie Jeffers

Everyone Matters: The U.S. Census

We'll talk about the importance of an accurate census count in many aspects of our lives. It's proof of our first principle: that everyone matters.

February 2nd Robert South

The Logic of Divination
The practice of divination presumes the existence of signal in something our usual understanding of nature would consider random.  We can think about this agnostically, without presuming to know what it is we are dealing with.  If there's something there, why assume any particular tradition has superior validity?  If we collaborate with the unknown in the design of our own systems of meaning then what design principles would recommend themselves?  If the spiritual speaks through any randomness in the world then is there really a line between divine communication and ordinary life?