Upcoming Services

August 30  Eleanor Allen

Why She Votes

Celebrating 100 Years Since Women Gained the Right to Vote.  We’ll watch an interactive video article from the Washington Post Magazine, of 8/23, in which 12 contemporary women, including Madeline Albright, Bernice King, and Senator Maggie Hassan, speak about the first time they voted, and who inspired them. One of the UUA’s major themes this year is ‘UU the Vote.’  What could be more timely!

September 6  Traditionally we do not have a service on Labor Day Weekend.

September 13 Joanne Harter

What I Did During Summer Vacation 

The UU version of the essays from our schooldays entitled about how we spent the summer. We usually bring rocks and water from wherever we spent time in July and August to help us tell our stories and reconnect with one another. Even though this will be a virtual service, we still ask you to bring them (or other small mementoes, such as a feather, acorn, etc.) to show. As you pour your sample of water from its little bottle into a bowl at your home, Joanne will pour representative water into a common container to mingle everyone's contributions. Welcome Home! Please remember to bring a rock or some water gathered during your summer travels, or from your own backyard (and we’ll have extras in case you forget.)

September 20 Judy and Andre DeZanger: Authenticity and Personal Authority

We will be presenting a talk done by Carlton Pearson, a UU minister at All Soul's Church in Tulsa, OK. He gives an excellent sermon on the importance of allowing ourselves to be Authentically present in life. Carlton examines the concept of Permission, where do you get or do you need permission to express yourself authentically? He has had personal experience with this as he was a Bishop in a mega Pentecostal church and became a Heretic for expressing his authentic personal belief of INCLUSION, that everybody can go to heaven . To find out more about his life, there is a movie called COME SUNDAY on the internet and Amazon Prime and you can also listen to his sermon before our service at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sbcCynjnhco (Start at 7:22 min


September 27 Pastor Marty Pelham

Where Are We Going?

Song #1003 in Singing the Journey (teal hymnal), based on a painting by Paul Gaugin, asks: “Where do we come from? What are we? Where are we going?” The answer to the third question can only be answered in the moment and by the whole community. In this month of renewal, where are we going? Are we even moving?

September 27 Pastor Marty Pelham

What Are We ?

How far is the nearest bus stop? Who are we not hearing because they are not here? Why are they not here? Do we want to do anything to change that?