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May 5 Kelly Sackheim and Eleanor Allen

Celebrating the Diversity That is Us

 Our most recent new member recognition ceremony took place way back in 2018, when Rev. Guy LaMothe was still our consulting minister.  Let’s celebrate everyone who has joined us since that time - and all we have done together since then.


May 12 Rev. David Weissbard

Job's Challenge

The former occupant of the White House cannot tell us his favorite book of the Bible, even though he says he believes the Bible is almost as good as his book.  I know what my favorite Bible book is: Job.  I believe it addresses one of the most perplexing questions of human existence:  "Why do bad things happen to good people?" I keep going back to that issue, even though I have no expectation of resolving it -- many people have tried.  On Sunday, May 12th, I will give it another try.


May 19  Rev. Dr. Kathy Hurt

Mother Tongue

On this Sunday when traditional churches celebrate the story of how people of all ethnicities came to hear religious truth in their own language, how do we honor differing voices/different spiritual languages in our liberal congregations?  And where might we broaden our vision to hear more variety of voices?


May 26   Eleanor Allen

Hurry Up and Wait 

We know that happiness is to be found in taking our time and being present in the moment.  How can we slow down and stop rushing our way through life?  I recently read a short essay about this that made me think; and I would like to share it, along with some thoughts about what we lose when we remain focused on what needs to be done next.  

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