Upcoming Services

November 1st Pastor Marty Pelham

The Healing Power of Lament

Liberal religion cast lament aside long ago in its journey to a better brighter future. Yet lament is inextricably linked to hope, healing, and resistance. How can Unitarian Universalists practice lament?

November 8th  Rev David Weissbard 

Is You Got Good Religion?  

Several years ago I participated in the founding meeting of the Progressive Religious Partnership. I was impressed by the sermon delivered by one of the organizers, Dr.James G. Adams. He raised the question of the negative impact religion has often had. As Liberals, we are not supposed to judge other religions, but I am sympathetic to those who believe that religion has often been [and in many cases still is] a blight on humankind. But not always. I do believe Unitarian Universalism can make a positive contribution to the lives of some [maybe not all] of us. I am building on Dr. Adams subject and title


November 15th  Eleanor Allen 

Going Somewhere?  

Some while ago we had a circle service of that title, in which we considered the spiritual difference between taking a trip and going on a journey.  After living through six or so months of the coronavirus and the pre-election turmoil most of us have postponed any physical trips - but we’ve all been on a journey we had not anticipated.  Let’s consider what we’ve been through and share as much of our thoughts and feelings as we feel comfortable sharing.  How has the past six months changed us and our families?  Have these changes all been negative?  Has anything positive come out of this journey for us, or for our country? Or, do we have hopes for positive changes for us and our country?  

November 22nd  Marty Pelham

Healing the Future:

Forgiveness, Reconciliation, and Becoming Better Ancestors  

The Doctrine of Discovery still fuels rage and oppression in our society. Is there anything we can do to help future generations grow beyond the cycle of revenge and retribution?

November 29th  8 Cluster Ministers

Love Abundant

This service will feature ministers and musicians from Ithaca, Syracuse, Binghamton, Utica, Oneonta, Cortland, Watertown, NY, Big Flats and Athens, PA as we reflect on the power of gratitude to heal us in challenging times.