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Story Room

Wondering Center

Where spirited children of all ages grow and learn joyfully. May we have eyes that see, hearts that love, and hands that are ready to serve so that we can be good neighbors in this wide world. 

We appreciate your interest in the Wondering Center and the programs and activities for children and youth.  We hope that the following  information is helpful.  Each Sunday we begin our time together in the Wondering Center with this affirmation:


We, people of all ages, enter this space, bringing our joys and our concerns. We come together in hope.


We greet each other warmly 

with our voices and our smiles.

We come together in peace.


We share our struggles and our compassion.

We come together in love.


We share our growth and aspirations.

We come together in wonder.


We come to this place 

bringing our doubts and our questions.


We come together as seekers. 

By Carol Meyer

Wondering Center

Story Room


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