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Page Updated: March 15th, 2019

Weekly Collection Plate Donation

for our Church Year 2018-2019 Warren

  • Jefferson County Hospice

  • Planned Parenthood of Northern New  York 

Urban Mission Eleanor

  • Backpacks and Back to School Supplies

  • Mittens, gloves, jackets collection

  • Food drive

  • Easter Basket Auction, currently accepting donations (Heather) 

Dollar Dinner--April 21st 2019 Robert

  • Invitation to the community to come eat a meal with us for a the low price of $1, Urban Mission has  vouchers for those who can't afford it

  • Next Dollar Dinner will be Sunday April 21st (Easter)

Spay Neuter Now   Robert

Road Clean Up  Sarah

  • Gotham Street/Road from Thompson to Rt 12

  • Once in Autumn, Once in spring


  • Unitarian Universalist United Nations Office   Sylvia

  • UNICEF   Frances

Blood Drives    Julie

  • In association with Red Cross

  • Look for Announcements on our Facebook page for Blood Drive


  • We sponsor an LGBTQ  youth group that meets every week during the school year (Robert)​

  • AIDS Frost Walk (Catherine)

Sister March  Eleanor and Sarah

  • Jan 2017 and 2018 Watertown Sister March/Rally held at All Souls

Migrant/Immigrant Allies  Rebecca

  •  Worker Meetings

Political Forums  

  • City Council and Mayor's Races (Robert)

  • Possible 2020 Congressional Race (Karen)

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