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Discussion Hour

Every Sunday (9:30 to 10:15) (noon during the period of no services) an informal discussion is held in the informal lounge  (Zooming at during the shutdown)and everyone is welcome, guests and members alike, though the intellectual level is geared toward adults.  Typically, short videos will be shown interspersed with discussion.   Robert South is the point of contact if anyone has some special program for this time period.  Topics vary but usually have a theme of philosophical or social importance.  The first Sunday of every month the topic will always be Unitarian Universalism itself, so this is a good day for newcomers to attend.  


April 19th. Cool Kids: How Do We Handle Social Pressure?

April 26th. Dreams.  Let's Share.

May 3rd Introduction to UUism: How Do We Dialogue With the Larger Community?

May 10th Media Reports.  Here's the idea: Everybody reads or watches something.  Sometimes you like it, sometimes you don't, and sometimes it's more complex.  When we share our "reviews" with others we can help them decide if something is worthwhile.  The format will be cycles and epicycles: the cycle proceeds around with each participant gives a report, and the epicycles are a question and answer session between reports, with each participant getting a chance to ask the reporter a question.  How does this book, or movie or TV show relate to UU Principles? 

May 17th How Do We Dialogue With the Larger Community?

May 24th Commitment Bias and other Fallacies

May 31st Fiscal Responsibility

June 7th Introduction to Unitarian Universalism

June 21st Synchronicity.  It's Just the Wind

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