Social Hall 21 Nov

Sanctuary 26 Nov

Social Hall and Sanctuary Nov 15

Sanctuary North Wall


Parking Lot

"Soffit" for Water Pipe

Organ Pit

Kitchen Ceiling and Vent Hood Return


Big Duct in Furnace Pit

Kitchen 21 Nov

Kitchen15 Nov

Informal Lounge 21 Nov

Sanctuary and Social Hall 15 Nov

Furnace Pit 26 Nov

Furnace Pit 15 Nov

Foyer Ceiling 26 Nov


Foyer 15 Nov

Foyer 21 Nov

Bulletin Board 15 Nov

Entry 15 Nov

Pine, Cottonwood, Douglas Fir, Maples


Swampy Meadow with

Deer Caged Saplings (ash, elm, maple, hawthorne)  Dry Hill visible in background

Nametag Rack, Art Wall 15 Nov

Chancel 15 Nov

Food Donation Area 15 Nov

LaMothe Lounge 26 Nov

LaMothe Lounge 15 Nov